Our Process

ITS Interactive begins its projects by listening to our customers and asking intelligent questions. We get to know your business and your objectives for the web site, as well as your customers, prospects and competitors. From these discussions, we will work with you to determine the requirements for the design and development of your web site and then translate these into a plan of action.

By following our proven phased project methodology, we provide our customers with the best Internet products and applications and the best overall service.


Proposal Phase

After a free initial consultation, ITS Interactive will provide a proposal tailored specifically to your Web site needs. This proposal will provide a fixed project price or a time and material range for the Design Phase of the project and an estimated fixed-price or a time and material range for the Implementation Phase of the project.

Design Phase

ITS Interactive will begin the Design Phase by conducting strategic consultation meetings and detailed requirements discussions. Our Internet consulting experts will work closely with you to understand your business goals and Web site objectives. Once we have a thorough understanding of the requirements for the design and development of the Web site, the Design Phase will proceed on three fronts:

  • Site Architecture and Graphic Design
  • Technical Analysis and Specification
  • Keyword Analysis for Search Engine Optimization (if desired)

The result of the Design Phase will be an Implementation Plan containing the following elements:

  • Project Requirements Write-Up
  • Site Map
  • Approved Graphical Composites for all main Web Site areas
  • Keyword Analysis Results (if desired)
  • Technical Specifications, including:
    • Data Model
    • Functional Specifications for each Interactive Web Site Feature
    • User Interface Mockups for each Functional Item
    • Any additional Hardware/Software Recommendations

ITS Interactive will meet with you to go through the plan and make changes as necessary. After the plan has been approved by both parties, a project schedule with milestones and a labor and price estimate for implementation of the Web site will be presented for final client approval.

Implementation Phase

Once all design and functional elements are approved, ITS Interactive will begin production of the Web site according to the Implementation Plan. The ITS Interactive Project and Account Managers will be responsible for the following tasks during the Implementation Phase:

  • Ensure that ITS Interactive project staff follow the Project Plan and successfully complete each milestone
  • Track the project and keep all parties informed of progress
  • Follow change control procedures to determine impact of any changes to scope, schedule or cost
  • Rollout finished product upon completion of client acceptance testing

As QA testing is completed for each functional area of the Web site, the code will be moved to a shared Web testing environment, where our customer is invited to view and approve the look-and-feel and functionality of each page.

As part of the search engine optimization process, ITS Interactive will assist you in modifying your site’s textual content such that each Web page is properly optimized for search engine placement.

After all Web pages have been completed, integrated and approved on the shared Web testing environment, ITS Interactive will deliver the final Web site to a production environment and will submit the optimized Web pages to the top search engines for indexing.


ITS Interactive warranties our fixed-price programming work for a period of 30 days after Web site launch to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Contact us today to discuss your Internet design and development needs.